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Distributed Audio
Commercial and Residential Audio Distribution Systems

Audio Distribution Systems are ideal for both commercial and residential spaces. Audio Distributions allows the ability to have a sound source fill a space or multiple spaces evenly or variably and can also allow you to have multiple sources which are selectable using control pads or remotes. Residential homes can use the system to spread music, news, and sports updates through out different rooms and control the volume at which it is listened to. Commercial Businesses can use these systems to fill their business space with music to entertain their clients, customers, and employees and can also use it to announce specials, updates, page certain personal, along with many other features and options. Different systems allow and offer different features and we can assist you in choosing the right systems that meets all of your current and future needs.


Different Types of Distribution Systems:

1. Single Source Single Zone - A single source single zone systems allows for the same audio to be played and heard through all speakers attached to it at the same volume level.

2. Single Source Multiple Zone - A single source multiple zone systems allows for the same audio source to played in multiple rooms and areas. Each area and room has independent variable volume control along with the option to have a room or area audio turned off.

3. Multiple Source Multiple Zone - A Multiple source multiple zone systems is the one of the most advanced and expensive systems available. It allows for each individual room and area to play the same or different audio and allowing for each to have independent volume control. Some systems even offer the option to control different source equipment which can allow each room and area to not only change the source of audio but change tracks or stations of a radio, cd player, ipod and any other device or equipment. These systems can be pieced together and custom built to ensure they are capable of meeting all your needs and expectations.

4. Custom Built Control Systems - A custom control system is like a multiple source multiple zone system except we design and build it to allow custom independent control of your audio in each and every zone. This means that you would have the ability to control each zones audio source and also allow for you to browse your music and files so you can see and select what you want to listen to. These systems are designed to work with music servers, Ipods, and other audio supply devices. Custom systems can be controled through independ key pads with digital displays in each zone or by using a custom remote control system which would allow you to control all your zones and audio no matter what room or area your in.


Why Choose Us?

There are many systems that allow for audio distribution but we will gather all the facts needed to determine the type of system that suits you best and build it to meet and exceed all of your needs. Every system we build uses the latest and most reliable equipment available which ensures that it will continue to perform flawlessly for years and years to come. When we build an audio distribution system we not only aim to offer the best and most reliable system, we also look to make it as user friendly as possible so that our customers can easily manage and operate all aspects of the systems. We know that it can be hard to learn how to completely operate a new and advanced system, and that is why we not only demonstrate the system operation after installation but also include a complimentary visit after installation for an additional walk through so that after having time to use your new system independently, we may answer and assist with any questions or complications you may have ran in to while using your system. We believe that no project is 100% percent complete until our customers know exactly how to use their equipment to its full potential.