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Surround Sound Services
Installation and setup of surround sound systems, equipment, and speakers

Chicago Surround Sound Setup Surround Sound Setup  
Setup of Surround Sound Receiver and Speakers  
  • Unpack Equipment and Speakers
  • Measure and Run Necessary Speaker Wire
  • Connect and Setup Components and Devices to Receiver
  • Properly Place Speakers in Optimal Locations
  • Connect and Test All Speakers
  • Connect and Test Sub Woofers
  • Program Factory Remote Control
  • System Operation Walk Through with Customer

Chicago In Wall Speaker Installers In wall Speaker Installation  
Installation and Setup of In wall and Ceiling Speakers  
  • Accurately Measure and Mark In-wall / Ceiling Speaker Locations
  • Properly and Accurately Cut Out Openings For In wall / Ceiling Speakers
  • Test In-wall and Ceiling Speaker Wire to Ensure None are Damaged
  • Properly Connect Speakers and Securely Install Them In wall or In Ceiling
  • Connect and Setup Audio Source and Prep for Sound Test
  • Test and Calibrate Speakers for Optimal Sound and Performance
  • Clean Up of Work Area
  • Customer Walk Through Of Equipment Use

Chicago Speaker Mounting On-wall / Ceiling Speaker Mounting  
Secure Mounting of Speakers On-wall and On Ceiling  
  • Accurately Measure and Mark Location of Speakers
  • Test Speaker Wires to Ensure None are Damaged
  • Properly Mount, Secure, and Connect All Speakers In Desired Locations
  • Connect and Setup Audio Source and Prep for Sound Test
  • Test and Calibrate Speakers for Optimal Sound Performance
  • Clean Up Work Area
  • System Operation Walk Through with Customer
Chicago Multi Zone Audio Installers Multi Zone Audio Installation and Setup  
Setup Audio Distribution In Multiple Zone with Independent Control
  • Site Assessment to Determine Where Different Zones are to be Placed
  • Site Planning to Determine Final Location of Speakers and Zone Controllers
  • Pre-wire for All Speakers and Zone Controllers From Source to Zone Locations
  • Properly Terminate and Install Zone Controllers and Speakers
  • Setup Main Equipment, Amplifiers, and Controllers for Zone Operations and Control
  • Program Remotes and Zone Controllers for Equipment and Zone Control
  • Properly Test All Aspects Of Installation To Ensure System Is Working Properly
  • Clean Up Work Area
  • System Operation Walk Through with Customer
  • Follow Up Date With Customer In Case Questions About Operation Arise

    Reasons For Multi Zone Systems:
  • Have Distributed Audio Through Out Home or Business
  • Independent Zones Allow for Personalized Audio and Sources In Each Zone
  • Great For Holiday Parties and Music Distribution
  • Add Audio and Control to Outside Areas
  • Allow Variety for Every Family Member, Co-worker, or Customer
  • Great for Sports Games, Allows You To Listen To Game Progress and Stats Anywhere

Chicago Remote Control Programming Advanced Universal Remote Control Programming
Programming of Advanced Macro and Multi-zone Multi-Source RF Remotes
  • Program Remote Control for All Available Devices
  • Setup and Assign Macro's for One Touch Button Operation
  • Program Remote for Control of Multiple Zones and Equipment Available
  • Program Remote for Control of Video Distribution Systems and Equipment
  • Program Lighting Control and Thermostat Control If Available
  • Remote Control Operation Walk Through With Customer

    Reasons For Advanced Remotes:
  • Use One Remote to Control All Your Equipment and Devices
  • Take Advantage Of One Touch Button Operation (Macros)
  • Control Centralized Video Distribution Systems
  • Control Whole House Audio and Video
  • Control Outdoor Audio
  • Allow Remote Control Use and Equipment Control All Around Home or Business
  • Allow Multi-Zone Operation and Control All Around Property
  • Control Equipment In Multiple Rooms
  • Control, Manage, and Change Music in Any Room
  • Control Lighting System and Schemes VIA Remote Control
  • Adjust and Control Thermostat VIA Remote Control



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