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Remote Control Systems
Remote Control Systems for Residential and Commercial Use

Control Systems have many different uses depending on the enviroment in which they are setup. The purpose of a control system is to centralize the operation of multiple pieces of eqiupment in to a single advanced remote control which offers all of the original functions along with a few more advanced functions which can be custom programmed to a customers preference. Control Systems can typicaly be found in homes, businesses, restaurants, bars, presentation room, etc. and each with its own custom programed purpose and features. Remote Control Systems are capable of controlling all enviroments of a room from the lighting scheme and temperature to the operation audio and video eqipment.

Why Choose Us?

We have our technicans arrive on the project site to perform an overview with the client to determine exactly what they would like their system to do and then asses what equipment would be necessary to allow the system to operate as the client would like. After gathering all the information needed from the client we then design a system layout and operation schematic. Once the system layout is completed our technicians can begin to run all the cabling and hardware that is necessary make the system operate flawlessly. The final stage would be after all the equipment is installed, we would then begin programming the system step by step to ensure that there aren't any flaws in the operation code. After throughly testing the final complete system we then go through a system operation walk through with our client so that they can familiaarize themselves with the operation of the control units. After the client has had a chance to use the system independetly, we schedule a complementary evaluation day in which we would return to check in on the client and ensure that they haven't had any issues or questions about the operation of their new system. With every system we build and install, we leave a custom made operation manual that consists of standard operation instructions for our clients.