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TV Installation
Installation and Setup of Flat Panel TV's and Projector Systems


Chicago Table Top TV Setup Table Top TV Setup  
We correctly setup and install your equipment
  • Unpack your TV and Equipment
  • Setup TV and Base on Flat Surface
  • Setup and Connect Up to 3 Components
  • Organize and Neatly Dress Wires
  • Clean and Pickup Work Area
  • Program factory TV or Cable Remote

Chicago TV Mounting Service TV Mounting Service  
We properly and securely mount your Flat Panel TV
  • Unpack your TV and Equipment
  • Run Audio and Video Cables In-wall
  • Securely and Properly Mount TV Bracket On Drywall, Concrete, Fireplace, or Brick
  • Setup and Connect TV and Securely Place on Bracket
  • Connect and Setup up to 3 Components
  • Program Factory Remote if Capable
  • Clean up of Work Area
  • System Operation Walk Through with Customer
  • 2yr. warranty on hardware if supplied by Custom HTI

    Optional Add-ons:

  • Outlet Kit for Placing Outlet Behind TV
  • Custom HTI Low Profile Tilt Mount, Flush Mount, or Articulating Mount
  • High Speed 3D Ready 1.4 HDMI Cables (6ft., 12ft., 25ft.)
  • Advanced Universal Remote Control (Replaces up to 12 remote controls)

Projector System Installation and Setup Projector and Screen Installation  
Mount, Setup, and Align Projector and Screen System
  • Unpack Projector, Screen, and Equipment
  • Calculate Proper Setup and Mounting Distance
  • Securely Mount Projector Bracket
  • Mount and Secure Viewing Screen
  • Properly Mount and Align Projector
  • Run Audio and Video Cables In-wall
  • Setup and Connect up to 3 Components
  • Program Factory Remote if Capable
  • Clean up Work Area
  • System Operation Walk Through with Customer
  • 2yr. Warranty on Hardware if Supplied by Custom HTI

    Optional Add-ons:
  • Custom HTI Projector Bracket
  • Outlet Relocation Kit for Projector and/or Screen
  • High Speed 3D Ready HDMI Cables
  • Advanced Universal Remote Control (Replaces up to 12 Remotes)

Chicago TV Calibration Professional TV Calibration and Optimization
Calibration optimizes color performance and Lowers Energy Consumption
  • Calibration Performed by Custom HTI Technician
  • Screen Calibration Sensors and 7 Detector Color Engine Used for Optimal Results

    Reasons To Calibrate Your TV:
  • Optimize Picture Quality for Maximum Viewing Experience
  • View Movies as the Director Intended
  • Screen Calibration Can Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Extend the Life of Your TV
  • Calibration Can Help Reduce Eye Strain In Some Situations

Chicago Remote Control Programming Advanced Universal Remote Control Programming
Programming of Advanced Macro and Multi-zone Multi-Source Remotes
  • Program Remote Control for All Available Devices
  • Setup and Assign Macro's for One Touch Button Operation
  • Program Remote for Control of Other Zones Available
  • Remote Control Operation Walk Through With Customer

    Reasons For Advanced Remotes:
  • Use One Remote to Control All Your Equipment and Devices
  • Take Advantage Of One Touch Button Operation (Macros)
  • Control Whole House Audio and Video
  • Control Outdoor Audio
  • Allow Remote Control Use All Around Home or Business
  • Control Multiple Rooms and Zones
  • Control, Manage, and Change Music in Any Room




Service Info:
We at Chicago Installers take pride in our work and you can rest assured that your Flat Panel TV, Projection System, Remote Control, and any other Devices and Equipment will be securely mounted, installed, and setup by a qualified and experienced technician.

All services performed by Chicago Installers come with our Premier Warranty that will cover any and all defects if caused by faulty installation